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One dictionary defines muse as "a personified force who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist." 
It is with this in mind that professional musician and teacher Rhan Wilson has created The Uke Muse - a weekly "muse-letter*", filled with tips, thoughts, and suggestions on how to improve one's ability to play and understand music. Whether one is a raw beginner or an advanced player, it is intended to be a source of inspiration for those wishing to know more about music and for those lonely days in COVID isolation when the traditional gathering is not possible.

There are plenty of teachers and videos out there that can teach you how to mimic the motions needed to play a song and to learn "uke-speak", as if it were a language unto itself, but Rhan wants to help others learn the language of music already spoken by musicians of all types in the hope that they can better integrate into that world he holds so dear.

Like learning to speak a new language, Rhan hopes to help you learn the basics: chords, strumming patterns, bits of theory, and most importantly rhythm - the foundation on which music is built.

Each newsletter contains an editorial/opinion piece by Rhan, inspired by the events of the day, what he had for breakfast or a recent lesson and, hopefully, explains what that has to do with music.

Also featured in each museletter is The Uke Guru Column, a question and answer section where you, the reader, can send in your questions - major or minor - no question too simple or difficult.

The Funsheet is a printable worksheet with a weekly lesson along with some fun mulitple choice questions. Some weeks it may be easy - some weeks more advanced. It's all to be learned someday, so you might as well get started.

There will certainly be updates and changes in this muse-letter, as it is in its infancy, and is sure to grow to be a trusted musical source of inspiration and information.

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* muse + newsletter = muse-letter

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